Airbnb Short Term Rental Property Management for Houston

About Us

Hi! We're Niyi, Yemi, and Dayna, a close-knit, local property management team based right here in Houston. We are a full-service, boutique-style vacation rental management company, focused on serving our local Houston community with one-on-one, personalized Airbnb and Vrbo property management.

We believe in mixing a personal touch with the latest technologies and data-driven strategies to ensure outstanding property performance. We have years of experience in customer relations, marketing, project management, and advertising, so we know exactly how to promote properties and attract high-quality guests.

Our Mission

At Grand Welcome Houston, our mission is to provide exceptional vacation rental property management services that prioritize the unique needs of each of our four clients:

  • Guests: We strive to create unforgettable experiences by offering seamless stays, exceptional customer service, and access to the best local vendors and attractions.
  • Owners: We partner with real estate investors and second home owners to provide unparalleled care for their properties and maximize their returns.
  • Properties: We are committed to ensuring that every property under our management is meticulously maintained, fully optimized, and always up to our high standards.
  • Local community: We believe in promoting economic growth and community development by working closely with local vendors and organizations, and by supporting charitable initiatives that make a positive impact in the areas we serve.

Niyi Olumide

OwneR & Managing Director

About Me

Howdy, I'm Niyi, a Texas A&M Engineering graduate and owner of Grand Welcome Houston. I worked in the Construction, Oil & Gas, and Tech Industries for over 15 years. During those years, I travelled to multiple countries, experienced different cultures and stayed in various types of accommodations, and noticed the tiny details that made my stay great, or otherwise. As I thought of creative ways to provide quality service, my interest in hospitality grew, and eventually led me to vacation rental property management.

At Grand Welcome Houston, we value our relationship with the community. We enjoy helping homeowners achieve their property goals while we provide their guests with a boutique-like experience. I have an amazing team excited to serve you!

What I Love About Houston

My family and I enjoy exploring our favorite local eats around Houston, seeing a movie at one of the city’s outdoor movie theaters or enjoying a football or basketball game at one of Houston’s sports stadiums. When I'm not working, you can find me playing squash or tennis, or planning my next high thrill adventure.

Yemi Abubakare


About Me

I’m Yemi, an accounting professional with extensive project management experience. Over the years I nurtured my love for real estate and entrepreneurship, which led me to my current role. This unique combination has equipped me with attention to detail and the innovative thinking skills my role demands. I love working with homeowners to showcase the unique qualities of their properties, maximize their earning potential, and providing a five-star experience for our guests. 

What I Love About Houston

I love the diversity of Houston which makes for a unique culinary experience and exposes me to various cultures. When I am not working, you can find me hanging out with my wife and 4year-old twin daughters, playing soccer and watching the UFC with friends.

Dayna Pinkerton


About Me

Hi, I'm Dayna, a dedicated educator, and former Oil & Gas professional. I have educated hundreds of students and mentored many teachers throughout my 10-year profession in Education. After my time in this industry, I decided to branch out to Project Management in Oil & Gas and immediately grew passionate for all the moving pieces that promote successful projects. This career allowed me not only to grow, but to meet and create personal and professional lifelong relationships with some amazing clients and colleagues, which has led me to Grand Welcome Houston!

What I Love About Houston

When I am not working, you can find me exploring brand new trendy brunch/dinner spots, trying out some sort of new work out program, taking golf & tennis lessons, and spending time with my family who are my everything.